It’s important to know that your mattress warranty is covered by the manufacturer, not by Sleep Ezzz, and the process may differ depending on the product type and brand.  All Sleep Ezzz mattresses are covered by varying degrees of manufacturer's warranties. If you have purchased a mattress and find early signs of wear and or a manufacturing defect please contact us and we will help facilitate a claim. We are here to offer a great brand name quality mattress at an unbeatable price and deliver on the promise of a great night's sleep. 

Sleep Ezzz Mattress Express does not offer a 'sleep in' period where you can sleep on your mattress and then return it for a full refund. We believe this practise to be redundant as mattresses are covered against defects by their manufacturers already. For this reason we believe this practice only serves as a reason to hyper-inflate prices.

At Sleep Ezzz we prefer to eliminate extra redundancies and instead offer an exceptional mattress at an exceptional price. Therefore, all on-line sales are final sales and mattresses cannot be returned or exchanged.  Sleep Ezzz will help facilitate any claims due to manufacturer's defects.

Your new Sleep Ezzz mattress will come wrapped in the original manufacturer's plastic and be in brand new condition and will covered by the corresponding manufacturer's warranty.  

If you require more information or are unsure about your mattress purchase please contact us or visit the Sleep Ezzz nearest you.   All of our mattresses are clearly identified and prices are clearly displayed so you can browse and compare in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.  We're here to help you find the right mattress for you and yours at a price that fits into your budget. You'll sleep like a baby knowing that you've made an excellent mattress purchase!